In the Beginning,
although some of my photography may be artistic in nature, I never called it “ART”.
I question myself at times, wondering why I see things a little different.
How could it be?
I guess because it is rooted way down in my soul.
Growing up in Newark and East Orange, NJ, I had many friends.
I was always the one to see things differently.
I was pretty much a “loner”
It allowed me the time to think and be creative in all my undertakings.
I always fought for, and respected the weak and downtrodden.
I like to photograph things in their natural habitats…raw and untouched.
In my vision, I am giving the Homeless a “Home”.
I am giving the Desperate something to “LOOK” forward to.
I am giving the Defeated…”VICTORY”
A photographer should somehow be invisible, blending in the environment.
His photos should be taken quick…to capture the moment in time.
He should also have infinite patience…waiting for the right moment to capture the shot.

My goal is to show the world a photographer’s view of the so-called “Underdogs of the World”
My hope is that maybe it can effect some change.

Photographers Bio
Born in Newark, New Jersey
Married to Wanda
Father of 2 adult children
Grandfather of 2
Postal Worker for 32 years
U.S. Air Force Veteran
33rd Degree Prince Hall Mason
Professional Photographer 8 years
Wedding, Event, Sports, Documentary, and Journalistic Photography